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My name is Tomer and I’m a second year university student in B.Sc. Computer Science.

I've discovered Peepplays project few months ago. I’m excited about it and I believe in the potential of it to disrupt the gaming industry.

I have set up a witness node that is located in Israel which includes automatic backups, DDOS protection and an easy scalability option to ensure that growing demands of the Peerplays network will met in the future.

So far I made two contributions that I believe will benefit the community:

1) Peerplays wiki that summarizes information regarding setting up Peerplays witness in particular and about the Peerplays project in general. The information is collected from different sources like telegram chat archive, github and steemit.

link to the wiki

2) Develope run and host, an alternative Peerplays block explorer, friendly, light and easy to use. In my block explorer you can retrieve data by different criteria, feature that is not available in the original block explorer.

For example you can make search query based on: “from user” , “to user”, asset id, amount and more. Transfers and account creation transactions are displayed in user friendly view. More views to come in the near future.

link to http://blockexplorer.nasbackup.com/

Please consider voting me for witness.

My witness user name is: @tomer-witness

My email is tmr.witness at gmail dot com

Thank you,

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